At the moment I am obsessed with Typography videos. As part of my class we have video of the week. Students can send in videos to me or else I pick one, we  upload it to our class blog and watch it together at the end of the week. It is a nice moment to share with the students and something they look forward to. I have often used typography for that. I have also found it a great way to introduce poetry to students.  Here are three of my favourites.

1. Stephen Fry on Language

2. Rudyard Kippling’s If. My coteacher found this last year, it worked great for our poetry unit, we were relating the poem to other texts we had taught during the year. Anne Frank, Lord of The Flies and The Giver. The students had to respond by selecting lines from the poem and saying which characters could relate to certain pieces of advice and why.

3. Another poem  Phenomenal Women – Maya Angelou, introduced to me by my mother in law (who just happens to be a Phenomenal Women)  

Anybody else use typography in class?


3 thoughts on “TYPOGRAPHY

  1. The phenomenal woman typography reminded me of one of my university teachers who showed us this poem in class. Now time for me to send her this version. Looking forward to reading more on this blog!

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