Encouraging Reading – Update

UPDATE: I posted this a while ago, however I recently came across this clip on youtube and thought it was great advice. I think Amy makes some great points. She talks about how a parent reading with or along (reading the same book for example as your teenager at the same time but not necessarily with them) can be super beneficial for kids. Often when kids read they have questions then and there that they want to discuss and if a parent is there to do that FANTASTIC. Here is a short clip where she explains,

Every year at parent meetings I get asked, “How can I get more child to read more at home?”I never really know the answer but this is what I do to try and encourage reading. Any other ideas or tips out there? This is also a great place to post an article doing the rounds written by Neil Gaiman about reading.


1. I love these vintage posters about reading. The posters may not make kids run to the library but I have found it does result in them asking me about them and a discussion about reading follows. Plus I must admit, I just love them! Click on the image to see more examples.


2. In terms of class displays I also love this great infographic for teens. I find a lot of the time kids just don’t know where to start. Often the only books they have read have been chosen for them. This gives them some guidance.

The Young Adult Summer Reading Flowchart

Brought to you by

Also here is a link to a more adult one if you are interested. http://www.upworthy.com/101-books-to-read-this-summer-instead-of-50-shades-of-grey?c=ie

3. I also introduce my students to the website goodreads It is a great site where you can catalog what you have read and the site makes recommendations about what you should read next. You can also follow friends and post reviews and join discussions.

4. I tell parents that if there kids are into technology to buy them a kindle. Evidence is showing that kindles are driving people to read. I have seen it work with students. The immediate access that it provides to texts is perfect for students. They can have a new book in their hands in minutes without leaving the bedroom.

5. Having said that I also tell parents take their kids to the library and book stores OFTEN! They are such fun places to visit. Let them walk around, explore and pick out something that looks good to them. I also emphazie that the aim is to get them reading and to enjoy it. So let them go wild and read any topic that they are interested in.

6. I always have a bunch of books in the classroom available to the students. Some related to what we are studying others not.  We have a mix of fiction and non fiction. I also find handing a book to a student and telling them “Hey, I picked this out for you, I think you would like it” has worked for me as well. Of course I also model my own love of reading!


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