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“Dynamic presentations for a real-time world.”

I stumbled across Projeqt when researching new web 2.0 tools for my masters module, and what a little gem it is. Projeqt is a new way to share ideas and communicate stories. Perfect for getting students to working on class projects.

My guide to Projeqt

Getting Started

QbaseProfile: Add a title, description and tags to your project.

Security & Sharing: Projeqt has the necessary security setting for student work. Options for private or public projeqts.

There is also an option to enable a guest account.

Sharing is optional with just a tick of the box.

Comments can be enabled or dis-enabled.


Personalize your projeqt


As a non-linear storytelling platform, Projeqt gives you ability to add style and personality to your unique project.

Layout: views can be changed, from filmstrip to grid view, and there’s a full-screen option.

Colour Palette: background can be customise to…

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