Where are the worlds biggest tea drinkers? Looks like I am living in the right place .



Downloading Youtube videos

We have all had a class where we show a youtube video and one of several things happen

1. The internet drops out and you can’t load it

2. The video finishes and all manner of inappropriate things pop up on the screen, accompanied by students begging to watch another video

3. The video plays commercials or buffers off and on losing precious lesson time

A quick and easy solution for this is using the website http://keepvid.com/ to download the videos in advance onto your desktop. Avoiding all those problems.

Things I Wish I Could Show My Students – Charlie Brooker “How to report the news”

One of my favorite media personalities is Charlie Brooker. He is smart, observant and very funny. He has a large body of work across several different mediums. First of all I would like to show you a short clip he made for a TV series called Screenwipe.

It is a great analysis of techniques used in reporting the news. If you enjoy this I suggest getting a hold of his TV series How TV Ruined my Life. 

The second clip I am going to share is a trailer for his recent miniseries Black Mirror, a dark commentary on the use of technology that leaves you feeling very uncomfortable. It had my husband and I talking about it for days.  Any things you wish that you could show in class but not sure if admin would approve?

When Praise Can Harm

Here are two interesting articles I read in the Atlantic about praise. I know a lot of educators who over praise and I myself have also done it. I try to give concrete praise  when I think it is truly deserved. I think you have to as a middle school teacher as kids know if they deserve it or not, and if they think they don’t deserve it they wont value your opinion.



Boys in Education

Like many teachers I have observed boys falling behind in school. Every class I have had my most difficult students have been boys. I have started to do a bit of reading on this myself. As a psychology teacher one of my favorite topics to teach is about Phillip Zimabardo’s prison studies. So I was very interested when I saw he did a Ted talk on this exact topic-The Demise of Guys.

Please watch these two videos about the demise of guys. Very interesting stuff.  I have also included a trailer for an upcoming documentary exploring American masculinity.

100 Cool Things #029

oh the silly English language.

Sean Fallon

Go here for a list of words that are their own opposites. My favourite: Left, as in “Now that’s he’s left the room I guess we’re the only ones left in it”. Also very happy with Resign, as in, “Contract negotiations are coming up, I can’t decide whether or not I want to resign or resign.”



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