Sifting Through the Junk – Quality Online Resources

I am sure every teacher has spent hours of wasted time looking online for a quality resource. I decided to put together a list for my own reference as well of some trustworthy online resources.

1. Fuse

Put together by the Australian government to help teachers. It has many different components. It has great search options and links directly to curriculum objectives.  Some of my fav sections are

Scootle – A social network page for teachers to share information.

Global2 – A place to blog and collaborate with International schools

ACMI – I particularly like the ACMI generator where you can build your own storyboards.


The Victorian Association of English Teachers has a great site packed with interesting resources. They have a nice mix of free and resources and publications to buy.


I love all of the BBC websites. I have used this site a few times as I love how it ties in directly with the Cambridge objectives. They are always interactive and have great activities for novels.

Will be sure to post some more soon! 🙂


Middle School Girls and Baby Talk

Baby voice has always been a pet peeve for me, and this year when I heard I might be teaching a notorious baby voice I was filled with dread. The way it turned out I didn’t end up having in her my class, but it did get me wondering how I would handle the situation. Then I came across this article:

An interesting point of view. I have to admit I am a little sceptical about the idea of sitting down with a cup of tea and asking my 8th grade girls why they use baby voice, I am afraid I would just get a shrug of the shoulders. However I definitely think it is worth a try. I also think it should be covered in oral presentation skills.

The whole situation reminded me of a film I recently watched that dealt with the subject “In a World” . Check out the trailer, it was a nice watch dealing with an interesting topic.

Superstars of Psychology

A great little post I came across about some of my favourite psych topics. Great to save for a time filler. I especially enjoy the roots of evil, perfect for our study of Anne Frank and Lord Of The Flies. There are also talks on happiness, mental health and the paradox of choice amongst others.