Man Tea

Lovely article about a group of boys meeting up at school to drink tea and discuss issues.


T(ea).S Eliot

tea point

We recently attended a lecture at the British Consulate “T.S Eliot, Poetry and the First World War”, delivered by Dr. James Alexander. It was a great evening, and gave food for thought.  I was also super happy to walk past a “tea point” in the building, you can just make it out in the picture.  I have included a great video clip here (part one of 3) of T.S Elliot’s The Wasteland performed by Fiona Shaw. Enjoy

A New Way To Read – A novel in 90 mins?

A friend recently posted this on Facebook, it looks super interesting. A new reading app that presents text in a completely new way. Instead of reading from left to right, you keep your eyes on the same spot in the screen and the text changes. I am very curious. It will take a bit of getting used to. My concerns would be that, yes, you are reading much faster, but can you comprehend the deeper meaning of a text? I also wonder how you re-read if you need to.

The site claims you can read a novel in 90mins.

Anyway I am up for giving it a try. You can practice here

Resilient Learners

“Resilient learners” is certainty buzzword word in education at the moment. All the research shows that it is an important predictor in student achievement, and something we should be fostering. We know resilient learners are less likely to give up, more likely to task risks and recover from failure quicker than others However I have to admit, I am still not clear on exactly how to build it in my own classroom. What are practical ways to implement this research? I came across this great article in The Age which I wanted to share. The video is also insightful. I suggest reading the article and then watching the video.