Marrying the Animal: On sale now

Wonderful book, short, snappy and very funny.

Sean Fallon

Marrying the Animal

The wait is over!

Marrying the Animal: One hundred 100 word stories is on sale now here for Australians and here for Americans and here for Brits or at your local Amazon site if you’re not from these three countries. Some of these stories have featured on this blog (usually from prompts supplied by two very awesome, very talented ladies) but there are a whole lotta others that have I’ve kept to myself until now. 

Buy it, tell your friends to buy it, tell your enemies to buy it, tell their friends to buy it and most of all enjoy it!

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Learning Students’ Names

Step into cover an unknown class or help out and you quickly realise the power of knowing student names. Generally, I am hopeless at remembering peoples names, so I make a big effort to learn students names at the start of the year. I wanted to share a few tips that have worked for me.

1. I make a point on the first day of telling my students that I am hopeless at learning names, they always make an effort with me to help me learn their names.

2. I make a seating chart so that the students are always in the same seats.

3. When marking attendance in the first few days I look up after each name and make eye contact with the students and try to take in their faces and create some kind of memorable mnemonic.

4. My most effective tip is to get the students to make a name card with a small picture that represents them. Then they explain in to me and I take a photo. (I explain to students that it is for my eyes only, they understand beause they know I am trying to learn their names). I have also done this with a polaroid camera and made a wall display with the photos.

Below are some tips from Edutopia.

Meditation Club

I have been dipping in and out of meditation fro the past 5 years. I have also used some guided meditation in my classes to help students focus. I have found it to be an effective tool with all age groups. You have your initial few giggles the first time, but once I explain the reason and science behind the activity kids get on board. I have also sent guided meditations to students whom are having difficulties winding down and switching off before sleep, with positive feedback.

This article delves even further with a teacher creating a meditation club, I would love to try this. Click on the picture for the full article.

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Rodda’s Clotted Cream


I have mentioned before my love of clotted cream. I stand by my assessment that the best I have had is here in the UK where I am staying at the moment. So far Rodda’s is the best I have found. I love everything about it. The cute packaging with the gold font, peeling back the plastic to reveal the golden crown and piercing through it with a silver spoon.WP_20140728_019 WP_20140728_020 A simple favourite of  a scone with raspberry jam and cream  paired with a cup of tea is a perfect treat any time of the day.