Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills – Free Online Course

Check out the link below. I have heard great things about this course. Ran by the University of Melbourne.

index.mp4 (Click for video about the course)

Course Syllabus

During the course you will have opportunities to:

  • Review the origins of the current interest in 21st century skills in education, in particular the technological and social changes which demand changes in the skills students need to prosper in the modern world.
  • Delve into what precisely is meant by the term ‘21st century skills’ and review some 21st century skills frameworks.
  • Examine in detail several of these ‘21 century skills’, not as abstract concepts, but as concrete learning progressions suitable for adaptation by teachers.
  • Investigate innovative new thinking and practical tools for assessment and teaching that arise from using a developmental approach to learning.
  • Explore, in the company of other professionals from all over the world, the practicalities of teaching and assessing these 21st century skills in the subjects, specialties or levels of education of particular interest to you.


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