Germans in The Woods

At the moment we are transitioning between two of our class readers, Anne Frank and Lord Of The Flies. I really enjoy diving into LOTF after Anne Frank. We have been having some great classes looking at William Golding’s life and comparing and contrasting his word view with Anne Frank’s. I have blogged about StoryCorps before, however I wanted to share again. I shared this video with class this week, it is English Week so we talked about how knowing a foreign language allows us to expose ourselves to more stories. I played this clip about an American Solider fighting in WWII. The students were deeply engaged and moved by it.


Listening is an Act of Love

I find that students really respond well to true stories. Often I use personal stories to break the ice with students. A friend G recently posted this and I love it. It is an animated feature from story corps. It includes 6 short true stories. Some are tear jerkers. some and funny and some are just quirky. They all warm the heart.  They are interesting and would make a great hook or early finisher activity.

Oh and here is my new tea cup I recently purchased on a weekend trip to Belgrade, Serbia. IMG_6448 IMG_6452