Embrace the Non-native Speakers Own English

Should “Native Speaker” Be Our Target Language?

An interesting lecture presented by Kurt Kohn. My favourite quote from the lecture.

“We should embrace the non-native speaker’s own English guided by their own native speaker orientation, pushed by their own communicative needs and identification purpose fuelled by their own creativity”. Kurt Kohn



Letter Writing

We recently taught a lesson on letter writing. Initially I was worried that our students would not be able to connect to the subject. I really like the resources that the BBC provide across the board for English education. So I turned to them for ideas and came across a real gem. A flash based program to introduce letter writing. It has animation, information, games and is HILARIOUS! As much as my students would not like to admit it they LOVED it. I tried my best to imbed it here, but wordpress would not have a bar of it. So here is the link:


It has some great characters including a robot with a South African accent. What’s not to like. Another site I like to use is http://www.futureme.org/
Students can go on, enter their e-mail addresses and they write a letter to themselves. The website will send it back to them in 12 months time. A really nice activity that my husband does every year.

After the activity my students wrote letters for their homework and they did a great job so the activity was a success!